Heating for the city

AEB uses the energy generated by the burning of waste to generate heat as well as electricity. The same steam used to generate electricity is also used to heat water for Amsterdam’s city heating network. This water flows through an extensive piping system to district stations that each serve about 600 homes. These district stations supply the hot water (at about 70°C) that heats up tap water and ensures that the central heating in dwellings becomes warm.

AEB produces around 650,000 gigajoules annually, heating 20,000 Amsterdam houses and 85 businesses. In the joint venture Westpoint Warmte (WPW), we are working together with Nuon to expand the city heating network to Amsterdam North and other places. We aim to achieve 34,000 connections to the network by 2020 and 230,000 by 2040. This contributes to the ambition for the metropolitan region to be energy-neutral by 2040.