Bio-aromatic compounds from organic waste

AEB Amsterdam and the Port of Amsterdam, together with their partners, have investigated at the laboratory scale how the carbohydrates (sugars) present in waste streams can be used as raw materials for the production of biobased aromatic compounds. These are materials that are used in the chemical industry for the production of plastics, for example.

Around 40% of all chemicals, coatings and plastics are aromatic by nature, so there is a great demand for aromatic compounds.  Bio-aromatics are a sustainable alternative to the current aromatics made from oil. The use of bio-aromatics decreases dependence on oil and leads to reduced CO2 emissions.

The laboratory-scale research into bio-aromatics has yielded good results.  The second phase of the research has started in the meantime, and Waternet will participate. For more information, contact Sietse Agema at AEB Amsterdam.