Impressive initiative for Amsterdam city heating

A spectacular drilling operation beneath the North Sea Canal today will improve the speed of the Amsterdam North connection with the regional heating network in 2016.

Six cranes lifted an 800m section of pipeline up into the air next to the Tweede Coentunnel. Then, during an eight hour operation, the pipeline was drawn under the busy North Sea Canal shipping route through a drill hole to a depth of 40 metres.

The drilling took place as part of the expansion of the Amsterdam heating network to Amsterdam North. The laying of this pipeline opens up a supply and discharge route for the heating network between AEB Amsterdam and Amsterdam North.


Waste is energy
The waste produced by the citizens of Amsterdam is picked up or collected at the Waste Points and then processed by AEB Amsterdam. This process enables the recovery of the greatest quantity of raw materials possible. The remaining materials are burned. This combustion releases heat that returns to the homes through the underground city heating pipeline system. In this way, Amsterdam keeps its heat within the city.


This technical feat represents a new step in the supply of heating in Amsterdam. The city heating network in Amsterdam North will be fully operational by the end of 2016. By then, 4,000 homes will be able to make use of the residual heat that AEB Amsterdam delivers for heating and hot tap water. There are currently around 2,500 homes connected to the heating network in this part of the city.


Our collaborative partners Nuon, the Municipality of Amsterdam and a number of project developers have agreed to achieve the connection of 15,000 dwellings and/or commercial premises in Amsterdam North to the heating network. For this reason, all new buildings in this part of the city will be provided with city heating. The expansion of the Amsterdam heating network is one of the pillars of ‘Sustainable Amsterdam’. City heating reduces local CO2 emissions by 70-80%. The city aims to have 230,000 dwellings connected to the heating network by 2040. This constitutes about 40% of the buildings in the city and includes new and existing dwellings and buildings.
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About AEB Amsterdam
AEB is a sustainable raw materials and energy company in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. AEB has been privatised since 2014, with the municipality of Amsterdam being the sole shareholder. AEB employs 400 people who work daily towards a clean society. Of the 1.4 million tons of waste that AEB processes annually, 99% is converted into raw materials and energy. AEB uses the heat released by the combustion of residual waste to generate electricity for 320,000 households and to warm homes and business premises through the growing city heating network.


Together with our partners we are working on solving waste problems. We share our knowledge and expertise in partnerships, both nationally and internationally. This has already led to many innovations, such as the technology for the High Efficiency Power Plant (Hoogrendement Centrale).