So many opportunities for reusing CO2!

AEB Amsterdam, partner of Clean Capital, produces a large amount of CO2. As this can be a very useful raw material, we are seeking solutions for its reuse. We are presently working on several concrete innovation projects, see:

It is important to work with tangible business cases in the CO2 market. With LTO (the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture) we source opportunities to deliver CO2 to the agriculture sector. Vegetation in green houses grow better when more CO2 is added, which also mitigates facilities’ use of their thermal power plants. We are also seeking innovative solutions for use of CO2 as a chemical component, like the Power to Protein-project. To reduce CO2 emissions, the whole sector, knowledge institutes, NGO’s, government and start-ups should work together. CleanCapital seeks to connect all those parties. The Amsterdam Circular Challenge is an example of how we progress this.

So are you a start-up who has an innovative solution to utilise our CO2 emission? Apply now! Deadline is 1 September.