The Finalists of the Amsterdam Circular Challenge

We are happy to announce the six finalists who will pitch their circular solution for a circular port of Amsterdam during the Award Event on 27 September. All great solutions to boost the circular economy in Amsterdam!

Biomass Challenge

BIOeCON International Holding N.V. 

BIOeCON is a privately funded venture which brings together a network of top scientists and technologists. Their goal is to develop a new efficient and cost-effective technology to convert biomass to valuable molecules and materials which can be used by industry to produce green materials, chemicals, and fuel.

Idea Outline

BIOeCON technology brings together companies which are producing lignocellulosic biomass with chemical plants, companies (biorefinery concept) producing bio-based chemicals, fuels and materials. This is an unique technology as it is efficient for any type of biomass, independent of its origin or composition, and does not require intensive pre-treatment and cleaning of the feedstock. The process is robust and can be applied for any type of lignocellulosic biomass, including wood, hemp, forestry and agricultural residue, hemp, etc. In this way it opens new opportunities for companies producing biomass and/or operating with a large volume of biomass waste to find new high-value applications for their low cost feed materials.


Gensos is a leading developer of supercritical gasification systems. By combining fundamental scientific knowledge (many of the research results published in peer-reviewed journals), engineering resources and practical experience, Gensos is able to offer viable solutions to customers and market sectors seeking an effective method for the treatment of wet waste.

Idea Outline
Gensos has developed a technology for the gasification of sewage sludge and digestate that is cheaper and more sustainable. It converts sludge into gas (renewable energy), a phosphor-rich mineral concentrate (renewable fertilizer) and water and does this at a 50% lower cost compared to sludge incineration.

CO2 Challenge


Catalytic Innovations (CI) is a team of chemists and chemical engineers developing electrochemical solutions. technology and team have been recognized as a semifinalist in the ongoing $20M NRG COSIA Carbon X-Prize ( We are also one of the Top 10 startups in the MassChallenge acceelerator in Jerusalem (

Idea Outline
CI are currently designing an electrochemical system for the conversion of carbon dioxide into alcohols, to reduce energy consumption in refining processes and for gas-to-liquid transformations.


ANTECY’s core team consists of an experienced and visionary team and international network of specialists in various technology fields (petrochemical industry, fundamental materials research, business development), devoted to creating novel technologies. ANTECY is enabling circular economy by providing means for capturing and conversion of CO2 to more valuable fuels and chemicals.

Idea Outline
ANTECY has developed a process and materials for capturing of CO2 to be used as a feedstock for production of fuels and chemicals such as methanol. ANTECY uses robust and environmentally friendly materials (non-amines) to deliver CO2 at low cost which enables this energy-to-product process to produce high value chemicals at competitive prices.

Digital Challenge

Circular IQ BV

The Circular IQ team passionately believes that circularity is the change the world needs. Their expertise spans sustainable supply chain management, data analysis and visualisation, innovation and storytelling. Circular IQ also works closely with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Idea Outline
Circular IQ simplifies sustainability data management for sustainability professionals with access to a dedicated software platform. With their circular performance analysis, they can identify high impact areas and optimize products and their supply chains. The Circular IQ application is supported by a combination of proven (open source) software technologies, with a user centric interface. This allows users to access and collaborate in their own unique and tailored environment.

Excess Materials Exchange

EME’s mission is to help their customers transition to the Circular Economy as fast as possible. In doing so, helping them to understand their value chain better whilst decreasing their impact on the environment and creating a more resilient Circular Economy.

Idea Outline

The Excess Materials Exchange (EME) is a digital, secured marketplace where companies can exchange excess materials and products. They actively facilitate frictionless transactions enabling highest value reuse opportunities for materials. This creates a transparent and reliable source of secondary- or excess materials (ranging from steel plates to textile fibers), enabling companies to become more resource resilient, decrease their environmental footprint and “turn their trash into cash”.