Euronews visits AEB for report

For a report on the circular economy in Europe, the TV broadcaster Euronews recently visited Amsterdam in order to find out how this city is putting the circular economy into practice. Councillor Abdeluheb Choho was interviewed about his vision for the circular economy in Amsterdam. Among others, AEB Amsterdam and its partner Inashco were visited to get a good impression of the way in which the city is making the circular economy a reality.

“In the Netherlands, the circular economy is a central element for achieving the sustainability objectives that have been agreed upon at the European level,” says the programme’s presenter. “This is expected to yield €7 billion per year and create 54,000 jobs. Amsterdam is the Dutch example for how this works in practice.”


Recovery of raw materials
Euronews reporter Monica Pinna came to AEB in order to see with her own eyes how Amsterdam recovers raw materials from waste and generates energy from the combustion of residual waste. She visited the Regional Sorting Centre where people who are distanced from the labour market sort and dismantle old electrical appliances, among other things. Raw materials such as plastic, copper and iron can be reused and are transported to the appropriate processors. As much as 80% of the materials from these appliances is still usable.


From bottom ash to building material
After the combustion of residual waste, bottom ash is one of the materials remaining, from which valuable metals can be recovered using a separation plant. Along with its partner Inashco, AEB is developing new ways of improving the quality of the remaining minerals. In this way, this material is made suitable for use in primary building materials such as paving stones, kerbs and sewerage pipes.


These are good examples of how the city is well under way with regard to recycling its waste. In the report, the Netherlands is cited as the country that deposits little of its waste in landfill and is leading the way in achieving a circular economy.


You can view the report and broadcast on the Euronews website here.