Who we are

Clean Capital is the partnership between AEB Amsterdam (waste, energy and raw materials company), Waternet (drinking water and purification) and the Port of Amsterdam NV (development and management of the Amsterdam harbour).

We focus on the development of innovative and sustainable projects in the area of energy transition, biobased materials and the circular economy. The three partners are located in the Amsterdam area and reinforce each other with regard to turning innovative ideas into economically viable projects. Clean Capital started up in December 2013. Sustainability is high on society’s agenda. Fossil fuels and raw materials are becoming scarce. All three partners have sustainable energy and raw materials as part of their long-term strategy. In this area, they wish to develop individual innovative, sustainable and economically viable projects.

The three partners

About AEB Amsterdam
AEB Amsterdam is the best known sustainable raw materials and energy company in metropolitan Amsterdam. We make an optimal contribution to a clean society by solving waste issues. Together with our partners, we are working on making waste processing even more sustainable. Every year, AEB processes 1.4 million tons of waste and converts it to raw materials and sustainable energy. These are raw materials we can use again and energy that the residents and businesses of Amsterdam can use to light and heat their homes and buildings.

Our plants are located in the Western Harbour Area next to the RWZI waste water purification plant managed by Waternet.

The Port of Amsterdam NV, port of partnerships
Together with its partners, the Port of Amsterdam is building on a port that delivers increasing value for its customers and the surroundings. The Port of Amsterdam NV develops, operates and manages the Amsterdam harbour and harbour areas, with the aim of stimulating economic activity and employment. It does this all within the framework of the smooth, safe and environmentally responsible handling of shipping. The operations are focused on port areas, quays and the water. Every year, around 94 million tons of goods are transshipped in the whole Amsterdam port area.

Water is all around us. Whether it concerns living, working or recreation, or health, nutrition, energy and transport, all of that water forms a cycle: the water cycle.
Waternet is the only water company in the Netherlands that focuses on the entire cycle. We purify waste water, produce drinking water and keep surface water up to standard and clean. We are commissioned to do this by the Amstel, Gooi and Vecht Water Board and the