The team

The team that evaluates your request is made up of experts from AEB Amsterdam, Waternet and Havenbedrijf Amsterdam:

Jan Egbertsem
Manager Business Development Port of Amsterdam

“We are creating a circular economy by using each other’s residual waste instead of taking everything to waste management.”

André Strucker
Strategy / Innovation Manager at Waternet

“By working together to connect residual waste streams to smart innovations, we make the circular economy possible.”

Bart Berkhout
Manager of Business Development at AEB Amsterdam

“There are abundant opportunities for the further development of the harbour area as a main port for the sustainable recovery of raw materials and energy from waste. With Clean Capital we are a strong and leading combination in the Amsterdam metropolitan area and the possibilities are endless.”

Marieke van Nood
Strategic Advisor at AEB Amsterdam

“At Clean Capital we combine the knowledge of different types of residual waste with that of the market, and contribute together to the development of a circular economy in the harbour area of Amsterdam.”